Stella Carry Pack Solar Light
Stella Carry Pack Solar Light
SuperBright light 3 Lumens. Stylish, cylindrical stainless steel and wave glass construction. Perfect for illuminating paths and driveways. Wave glass effect provides excellent light dispersal. Automatically lights up at night and switches off at dawn.
Oxford Obelisk 2.1MOxford Obelisk 2.1M
Oxford Obelisk 2.1M
2.1X0.32m. Elegant garden obelisk combines style and support to climbing plants. Ideal for use in flower beds, borders and patio planters. Powder coated tubular steel construction for strength and durability. Assembled in minutes, all of the fixtures and fittings included.

Cool Flame Rustic Garden TorchCool Flame Rustic Garden Torch
Cool Flame Rustic Garden Torch
Cool flame super bright LEOS creates a flaming effect that can be seen from all angles. This really has to be seen to be believed. Patented Cool flame Technology. Super bright LEDs create a flaming effect that can be seen from all angles. Realistic flame effect. Safe cool to touch. Battery operated. For both indoor and outdoor use.
Firefly Jars String LightsFirefly Jars String Lights
Firefly Jars String Lights
10 Jars are perfect for bringing some fun into the garden. Decorate shrubs, trellis', parasols and doorways. Charges in direct sunlight. Automatically illuminates at dusk.

Firefly String Lights
Firefly String Lights
2M Firefly String Lights 50 White warm LEDs. Simple and effective firefly string lights will bring an extra spark in your garden, brightening your trees, shrubs, fences, walls, borders and bushes. They are powered by a separate solar panel which allows the lights to be placed in your shady areas. Automatically illuminates at dusk. Requires no wiring or electricity.
Floral Delights Solar LightFloral Delights Solar Light
Floral Delights Solar Light
Glass petalled flower lights. Helps to bring flower beds, borders and your pots to life whether day or night time. Great way to brighten up the garden space. Decorative solar powered stake lights. Automatically lights up at night. If you have a colour preference, please specify this in your delivery instructions.

Jumbo Wave Bollard Solar LightJumbo Wave Bollard Solar Light
Jumbo Wave Bollard Solar Light
Premium quality SuperBright bollards. Brushed stainless steel. Bespoke glass designs for optimum light dispersal. 20 Lumen output.
Majestic Stake LightMajestic Stake Light
Majestic Stake Light
Stunning colour changing glass globe. Adding glamour to your garden. Charges in direct sunlight. Automaticalyl illuminates at night.

Martello Nickel Solar LightMartello Nickel Solar Light
Martello Nickel Solar Light
Stainless steel stake light. Glass tops are removable for use as tabletop lanterns. Designer faceted glass lenses that optimise light dispersal. Brushed stainless steel. Up to 6 hours run time. Automatically illuminates during darkness. 5 Lumen output.
Prima Spotlight Carry PackPrima Spotlight Carry Pack
Prima Spotlight Carry Pack
Pack of 4 Prima spotlights, perfect to make a garden or outdoor space stand out. Automatically turns on at night. 3 White LEDs per spotlight. Perfect for flanking pathways. Simply push the spike into soft ground to place in position. Charges in direct sunlight. 3 Lumens.

Prima Spotlight Solar LightPrima Spotlight Solar Light
Prima Spotlight Solar Light
Uses solar power, these SuperBright spotlights harness energy from the sun which makes them enviromentally and free to run. Automatically illuminates at dusk. Simply place in the grass and they will begin charging as soon as the panels have daylgiht falling on them.
Rope Light 100 LEDs Solar LightingRope Light 100 LEDs Solar Lighting
Rope Light 100 LEDs Solar Lighting
Solar Rope Lights 100 Led Warm White. Automatically turn on at dusk. Ideal for decorating the garden. 9.5 Meters of lights. Weatherproof rated IP44.

Ultra Spotlight Solar LightUltra Spotlight Solar Light
Ultra Spotlight Solar Light
SuperBright spotlight with stake. 30 Lumens. Rotational head to direct light. Aluminium construction. 1 White LED. Perfect for flanking pathways. Charges in direct sunlight.
Wall Fence And Post Solar LightWall Fence And Post Solar Light
Wall Fence And Post Solar Light
Wire-free SuperBright lights. Simple to install and perfect for entrances, patios, gauges and sheds. 3 Lumen output. Charges in direct sunlight. Automatically illuminates at night.

Wave Bollard Solar LightWave Bollard Solar Light
Wave Bollard Solar Light
Stainless steel bollard. Heavy duty glass lens optimises light dispersal. Upto 6 hours run time. 10 Lumens. Perfect for paths, borders and driveways. Premium quality Super Bright bollards. Brushed stainless steel. Bespoke glass designs for optimum light dispersal. These are approximately 42cm high and 7cm wide.
Wave Lantern  Solar LightWave Lantern  Solar Light
Wave Lantern Solar Light
Unique glass wave construction. Creates stunning light effects on any surface. 10 Lumens. Beautifully crafted Super Bright garden lanterns. Brushed stainless steel. Automatically illuminates during darkness.

Whitehall Lamp Post Solar LightWhitehall Lamp Post Solar Light
Whitehall Lamp Post Solar Light
Dual brightness setting, switch between 50 and 100 Lumen. Creates beautiful ambient lighting in your garden. 180CM lamp post with beautiful tear drop glass lens with stunning SuperBright output. Automatically illuminates at night. Can be screwed into the ground for stability.