BERG trampolines

Berg trampolines


Safety and quality for more outdoor fun

As a parent, you want your children to have fun and to enjoy playing outside. You don’t want to have to worry about the welfare of your child.

Here at Oldrids & Downtown, we are proud to stock a great range of BERG trampolines. BERG have designed this range of great quality trampolines that are very safe, and suit any garden and budget. These trampolines allow children to discover their talents without a care in the world,  and which allows parents to feel at ease whilst their children play. 

The difference between the trampolines

At first glance, BERG Trampolines look very similar, but they really vary. There are three different ranges -  the Favorit, the Champion and the Elite - with the big difference in the jumping comfort and the quality. This is down to the main parts of the trampoline, namely the jumping mat, safety net, protective padding, the number and layout of springs and the frame.

The number of the trampoline model indicates the width of the trampoline. A 330 for example is 330cm, just under 11ft

What shape of trampoline is best for me?

Each shape has its own advantages. The choice may come down to the space available in your garden. With BERG, you have plenty of choice, since we supply three different shapes; round, oval and rectangular.

What are the benefits of a rectangular trampoline?

Rectangular trampolines have an elongated surface for jumping on, so you have more control over the jumps you do, making these trampolines perfect for professional jumpers as well as practising tricks! Also, this trampoline usually fits well in the garden, thanks to its rectangular format.

What are the benefits of an oval trampoline?

With oval trampolines you benefit from jumping on a surface which is wide and long. Jumping is also easier to control, and you benefit from the sturdy, round shape.

The shape also means you automatically land safely in the centre of the trampoline.  

What are the benefits of a round trampoline?

The classic, round trampoline is a safe choice. Thanks to evenly-tensioned springs, you automatically land in the centre of the trampoline, so you can jump high, safely and enjoyably. This trampoline is also very sturdy and is the more commonly purchased trampoline. The Favorit range features many round trampolines