Help your child to go outdoors with the range of pedal go-karts from BERG. With multiple colours and designs available for all price ranges. 

The iconic BERG Buddy is perfect for little adrenaline seekers, with a 5-year warranty and BFR system, whilst at Oldrids & Downtown we have a range of other BERG vehicles that are fantastic for taking on difficult terrains, as well as a range of accessories including a siren and bucket!

BERG Buzzy Basket - Yellow
BERG Buzzy Basket - Yellow
Add the finishing touch to your BERG Buzzy go-kart with a BERG Buzzy Basket. Heading out on an adventure with your toys. Now you can take your things with you anytime and anywhere! It is even easier to transport all your stuff with the BERG Buzzy Basket; suitable for the BERG Buzzy Yellow, Nitro and Bloom.
BERG Buzzy BSX Pedal Go KartBERG Buzzy BSX Pedal Go Kart
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BERG Buzzy BSX Pedal Go Kart
Can you imagine your child whizzing through the neighbourhood on this yellow BSX sensation? This cool Buzzy BSX is much sturdier than a three-wheeler. Your feet remain firmly on the pedals even going round the tightest corners. Forwards, backwards, stopping within a few seconds, it can all be done with this BERG Buzzy. The pedals remain within reach at all times and the four wheels make the go-kart...

BERG Buzzy John Deere Tractor Go KartBERG Buzzy John Deere Tractor Go Kart
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BERG Buzzy John Deere Tractor Go Kart
The best tractor for children from the age of 2: the Buzzy John Deere! All the functionality and unique features of a BERG Buzzy in a cool and unique John Deere design. The robust steering wheel complete with spinner knob, the large bonnet with cool grill and, of course, the wide tractor tyres make this a real John Deere. This Buzzy is perfect for little ones aged 2 to 5 due to the adjustable seat...
BERG GO2 Pink 2-in-1 Go KartBERG GO2 Pink 2-in-1 Go Kart
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BERG GO2 Pink 2-in-1 Go Kart
The BERG GO2 is our smallest pedal go-kart for children from 10-30 months. But do not underestimate this tiny pedal go-kart. On this pedal go-kart your toddler will learn to scoot and pedal much faster! In short, 2 in 1. First, you can keep the pedals folded up so that your little one can scoot. Due to its design, your child can easily use the BERG GO2 as a push car without the pedals or the rear...

BERG Jeep Buzzy RubiconBERG Jeep Buzzy Rubicon
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BERG Jeep Buzzy Rubicon
Let your child dream, do and discover in a real Jeep! The Jeep Buzzy Rubicon is a true off-road sensation. The off-road tyres, round steering wheel with spinner knob, and cool hood with grill and angry-looking eyes make this a real Jeep Rubicon. The 4 EVA tyres ensure this robust Jeep Buzzy is firmly grounded The good connection between the front and rear axles makes pedalling easy, even for little...
BERG Reppy Rebel Pedal Go KartBERG Reppy Rebel Pedal Go Kart
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BERG Reppy Rebel Pedal Go Kart
Off-road driving is exceptionally good fun with the Rebel! Children from the age of 2.5 can go-kart on this striking Reppy. The bright red EVA 10'' inch off-road tyres, cool front spoiler, red springs and unique sports steering wheel ensure a strikingly cool appearance. The sports steering wheel comes equipped with a real soundbox. This soundbox has 4 different tones: braking, tooting, starting the...

BERG Trailer S for BERG Buzzy Go KartBERG Trailer S for BERG Buzzy Go Kart
BERG Trailer S for BERG Buzzy Go Kart
Do you want to complete your BERG Buzzy? Then choose the BERG Trailer S so that you can easily take your things with you. This trailer makes playing outside even more fun! So throw a picnic basket, toys or other items in the trailer and make your adventure complete. Couple the trailer to your BERG Buzzy with the towbar provided. The wheel stickers provided make the trailer and your Buzzy a perfect...