Joseph Joseph 70504 Bathroom CaddyJoseph Joseph 70504 Bathroom Caddy
Joseph Joseph 70504 Bathroom Caddy
This versatile caddy has been designed to better organise your bathroom space. It's divided into a range of compartments of varying shape, size and depth to cope with storing the wide variety of grooming essentials commonly found in most bathrooms. Perfect for keeping small items such as scissors, brushes, deodorants, dental floss and make-up neat and tidy and easy to find. Also features a non-slip...
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Joseph Joseph 70506 Flex Toilet BrushJoseph Joseph 70506 Flex Toilet Brush
Joseph Joseph 70506 Flex Toilet Brush
Conventional toilet brushes hold dirt and liquid, making them messy and unhygienic to use and clean. Also their bristles can distort and wear, meaning they need to be replaced regularly. Flex™ is a revolutionary toilet brush designed to solve all these problems. It features a flexible, D-shaped head that reaches all areas, even under the rim. It has widely spaced bristles that prevent dirt clogging,...
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