Char-Broil have been bringing charcoal grills to the market since 1948. In the years since, Char-Broil have been at the forefront of barbecue innovation and technology, making grilling easier, affordable and more memorable. 

At Oldrids & Downtown we have a great range of Char-Broil gas barbecues. You can start it up at the push of a button, cooking your food with less flare-ups and up to 50% juicier food every time. With Char-Broil you receive a 10 year warranty on the burners and enamel on the grill, with a 2 year warranty on other parts, providing true peace of mind that your new BBQ is built to last for years to come!

Char-Broil Comfort Grip 2 Piece Tool Set
Char-Broil Comfort Grip 2 Piece Tool Set
Our Char-Broil 2-piece barbecue tool set includes a spatula and tongs both key utensils for the griller's tool box. Constructed with long handles, they're perfect for those hard-to-reach items on your grill and there's a handle hook to hang them up and keep your work surface clear. Food won't get away from you either with our easy grip tongs and the stainless steel design looks as good as it feels. Stainless...
Char-Broil Cool-Clean Premium Brush ReplacementChar-Broil Cool-Clean Premium Brush Replacement
Char-Broil Cool-Clean Premium Brush Replacement
Soft bristle brushes are great for cleaning porcelain grill grate that can’t be cleaned with a metal or wire brush. Our replacement heads fit medium nylon brush and Brush Hawg brushes. Dimensions: H 3 x W 10 x L 6cm Replacement Cool-Clean Premium brush head (only). Cool-Clean - helps you clean grill surfaces with-out heat. Angled Bristles - ideal for cleaning porcelain, chrome and cast...

Char-Broil Digital Thermometer
Char-Broil Digital Thermometer
Get your meat right every time with this quick response digital thermometer. Dimensions: H 25 x L 1.5 x W 3cm Foldable design - for easy storage and different angle measurements. Auto or manual on / off function. LCD - Easy-to-read liquid crystal display
Char-Broil Regulator Adapter Kit For PB180/X200Char-Broil Regulator Adapter Kit For PB180/X200
Char-Broil Regulator Adapter Kit For PB180/X200
The Char-Broil Adaptor Kit for PB 180/X200 allows a Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 or Char-Broil X200 Grill2Go to be powered from a refillable patio gas bottle rather than the disposable gas canister they are delivered equipped to be powered by. The Char-Broil Adaptor Kit for PB 180/X200 simply screws onto where the disposable EN417 gas canister used to power the Char-Broil Patio Bistro 180 or Char-Broil...

Char-Broil Wood Chips - MesquiteChar-Broil Wood Chips - Mesquite
Char-Broil Wood Chips - Mesquite
Mesquite wood is one of the hottest burning woods that boasts a strong, earthy flavor. Add a nice taste to most red and dark meats unsing our mesquite wood chunks for longer duration smoking. Try our mesquite wood chunks for fast smoking of pork, beef, and even cheese! The chips come in a two-pound bag. Simply soak these wood chips for a few hours or preferably overnight, drain well and use a smoker...
Char-Broil 2 Burner Gas Barbecue CoverChar-Broil 2 Burner Gas Barbecue Cover
Char-Broil 2 Burner Gas Barbecue Cover
This gas grill cover from Char-Broil is designed to fit 2 burner gas grills. It shields and protects the grill against seasonal weather conditions. The side-closure straps help to securely fasten the cover to the grill. Dimensions: H 110 x W 132 x D 58cm Barbecue Type Compatibility: Gas All-weather protection Weather-resistant finish Sealed seam PVC outside coating 300 x 250 denier polyester...

Char-Broil Grilling ApronChar-Broil Grilling Apron
Char-Broil Grilling Apron
Grilling can get messy really quick. That’s why you need a great apron. This one is adjustable and fits most. With multiple pockets, it also doubles as a grill tool belt. Keep your gloves and tools handy and keep your clothes clean at the same time. Dimensions: H 82.5 x W 69cm Multiple Pockets Adjust to Fit Black and Red Colour All screens vary in colour reproduction and whilst every...
Char-Broil High-Performance Grilling GlovesChar-Broil High-Performance Grilling Gloves
Char-Broil High-Performance Grilling Gloves
Keep the heat on the grill and away from your hands with these high-heat cotton grilling gloves. Fabricated with a non-slip silicone lining, you can get a handle on your hot food easily. Works for temps up to 200 degrees, and one size fits most. A key BBQ accessory and every master griller should have a pair. Dimensions: 4.6 x 17.8 x 41.9cm Tempurature resistant Aramid blend Non-slip silicone...