Chudleys Original  Dog Food - 14kgChudleys Original  Dog Food - 14kg
Chudleys Original Dog Food - 14kg
Original is a proven, complete muesli diet, which has been designed for dogs on a lower workload, during rest periods or for those that maintain weight easily. This muesli diet includes a balanced mix of whole-grain goodness from wheat, maize, together with flaked peas and quality protein sources to provide a nutrient profile to help support immunity, digestion, muscle recovery and coat condition....
Chudleys Senior Dog Food - 15kgChudleys Senior Dog Food - 15kg
Chudleys Senior Dog Food - 15kg
Senior is a nutritionally complete, designed to help support the older dog (approximately from seven years onwards) on a less active workload. The blend of functional fibres and carnitine helps with weight management and the inclusion of taurine helps support heart health. Senior benefits from the inclusion of a joint care package which helps to support the aging joints and mobility of an older dog....