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Creative Products Easy Cut Long Handle Swivel Grass ShearsCreative Products Easy Cut Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears
Creative Products Easy Cut Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears
Take the strain out of edging your driveway and lawn with the Easy Cut Long Handle Swivel Grass Shears from Creative Products. The long, lightweight, adjustable design of the shears eliminates the need for bending and reduces strain on your back. Adjust the 180° rotational head for clean horizontal or vertical lines and simply squeeze the handle to cut. Easy to use 180° rotational head Ideal...
Creative Products Tool sharpCreative Products Tool sharp
Creative Products Tool sharp
This handy tool sharpener from Creative Products is a multi purpose tool that will bring your garden tools back to life. From secateurs to shears, the Tool Sharp will sharpen any blade with ease and can be used by left and right handed users. Each Tool Sharp kit is complete with a tube of anti-rust oil and an applicator to keep you tools in great condition for longer.

Creative Products Easy Weeder
Creative Products Easy Weeder
Eliminate all of those garden weeds with minimal effort thanks to the Easy Weeder from Creative Products. The Easy Weeder's ingenious design, durable construction and simple lever action will allow you to effortlessly grab weeds complete with their roots.
Creative Products Speedy WeederCreative Products Speedy Weeder
Creative Products Speedy Weeder
Easily remove weeds from your flower beds, borders, gravel driveways or vegetable patches with the Speedy Weeder from Creative Products. The unique design of the Speedy Weeder allows it to get underneath the soil and gravel with ease, slicing the weeds and killing them while causing minimal disturbance. The long design and super light construction of the speedy weeder allow you to weed without the...

Creative Products Telescopic Paving Brush SetCreative Products Telescopic Paving Brush Set
Creative Products Telescopic Paving Brush Set
With tough steel bristles, a wide brush for sweeping and narrow brush with scraper, this Paving Brush Set is perfect for removing moss, algae and weeds from your driveway, paving and decking with ease. The telescopic design of the Telescopic Paving Brush Set boasts an adjustable 1.4m handle to allow you to achieve a comfortable position and eliminate the need for bending over.
Creative Products Removea ScrewCreative Products Removea Screw
Creative Products Removea Screw
At last a great effective way to remove screws with damaged or broken heads. The Removea Screw from Creative Products has been designed to fit a variety of screw sizes safely. This clever tool works on slotted, phillips, socket and torx type screws and bolts made from HSS Steel.

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