Tramontina Beer Barrel Charcoal BarbecueTramontina Beer Barrel Charcoal Barbecue
Tramontina Beer Barrel Charcoal Barbecue
Get grilling with this classic charcoal barbecue from Tramontina in a beer barrel design. The perfect way to enjoy the summer with friends, the barbecue is designed from stainless steel to be used with charcoal in a stunning open top finish.The rolled edges stainless steel handles make it comfortable and easy to transport and thanks to the stainless steel body, not only do you get greater efficiency...
Dancook 1400 BarbecueDancook 1400 Barbecue
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Dancook 1400 Barbecue
The patented liner in Dancook´s kettle barbecue collect grease and ashes, and because the combustion air is pre-heated, the cooking effect is encreased by 50%. The advantages are reduced use of briquettes and easier cleaning. That is the unique idea behind the Dancook kettle barbecue. A Dancook kettle barbecue is best characterized by its simple design and its many unique details. The materials...

Dancook 1800 BarbecueDancook 1800 Barbecue
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Dancook 1800 Barbecue
This new series of Kettle Barbecues from Dancook are manufactured in a one piece frame which promises optimal stability and cooking ergonomics. The barbecue is "floating" in a ring of stainless steel. The barbecue can be extended with sidetable in high quality aluminium. The Dancook 1800 Barbecue comes with a lid mounted thermoter as standard. The patented liner reduces the use of coal which makes...
Outback Party 6 Burner Gas BarbecueOutback Party 6 Burner Gas Barbecue
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Outback Party 6 Burner Gas Barbecue
Outback Party 6 burner barbecue features a very large 78x42cm cooking area which is covered with 100% grill. This easy to store BBQ collapses to allow for easy maneuverability and transit making this model great for both social and business applications. Designed with 6 stainless burners which are lit using the piezo ignition system for quick and easy lighting time and time again. Featuring a tool...

Outback Trekker Portable Gas BarbecueOutback Trekker Portable Gas Barbecue
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Outback Trekker Portable Gas Barbecue
The Trekker is a compact gas BBQ with generous 47cm cooking area covered by a porcelain coated grill. Designed for the 2020 season with a domed hood allowing more cooking options. The Outback Trekker is designed with a porcelain enamelled hinged hood and easy clean firebowl this BBQ is ideal for anyone wanting a portable BBQ ideal for camping, caravanning and general alfresco cooking. Built on 3 sturdy...

The British do love a barbecue, and as soon as the rain stops for the summer, all of us will be making the most of the nicer weather! But one of the most difficult decisions to make can be whether to choose a charcoal barbecue or a gas barbecue. You may even prefer a BBQ bucket! At Oldrids & Downtown we are delighted to bring you a range of the finest brands in BBQ's, so that we can satisfy the needs of even the most hardcore of barbecue enthusiasts!

There is a huge variety of things to consider when purchasing your BBQ. They are all different and each will grill your food differently depending on their size, features and fuel type. But what are these important questions? We have answered a few of these below with our handy guide. Whilst reading, think about these questions: 

  • How often will you be BBQing?
  • How many people will you be cooking for?
  • How much storage space do you have for the winter months when your BBQ is not in use?
  • How do you like your food cooked?

Read on and make your decision...

Charcoal vs Gas BBQs

For a more authentice BBQ experience, opt for charcoal. By lighting the coals and stoking the fire, you will achieve the unique BBQ flavour that you cannot get elsewhere. Charcoal does take more time to heat (between 30-40 minutes) as the embers need to be piping hot before use. Cooking can also take longer as the temperature will fluctuate depending on the position of your coals, however by taking your time cooking you will achieve the delicious flavour of a charcoal barbecue.

A gas BBQ can be slightly more expensive, but offers a more flexible and easier cooking option - making them ideal for novices. Simply hook up your gas BBQ to a standing gas canister, press the ignition and start cooking. Gas BBQs are popular because you are able to control the heat more evenly and most models boast multiple burners, giving you an even cook. However, you do not receive the authentic BBQ flavour that charcoal provides. It is also, arguably, less fun!

What BBQ features should I look out for?

Most barbecues are packed with handy features to make your cooking easier. Features such as a warming rack, shelves & sidetables, collection trays and adjustable grills are fairly common in standard barbecues, as are wheels to easily manoeuvre your BBQ around your outdoor space. Charcoal BBQs may also have loading doors, fireboxes if they are smokers or even a chimney.

If you cook for multiple mouths, make sure you look at how many burners the BBQ has - as the more burners available the more food you can cook for your hungry family or guests!

What accessories do I need?

Throughout our range you will also find useful BBQ utensils and barbecue covers. With our range of BBQ accessories, you can masterfully cook everything from burgers to kebabs in the comfort of your outdoor space, making you a BBQ expert in no time.

Explore our further range from leading brands such as Char-BroilGrillistream and Landmann, helping you to find your perfect outdoor cooking tools!

Still can't decide between a Gas or Charcoal Barbecue? Take a look at our buying guide for more information.