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LEGO CITY Coast Guard Head QuartersLEGO CITY Coast Guard Head Quarters
LEGO CITY Coast Guard Head Quarters
Complete with everything the very best coast guard could possibly need, strap on your life vest and help your LEGO® City crew at the Coast Guard Headquarters with 2 levels, office rooms and a moving radar dish. There’s also a ship with opening bridge and deck, moving radar dish and searchlight, medical area and a rescue craft with launch function, as well as a helicopter with helipad, speedboat...
LEGO CITY Jungle Starter SetLEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
LEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
Imaginations will run wild with this fabulous LEGO® City jungle Set. Discover what lurks on the banks of the river in the LEGO® City jungle with a fabulous boat that has plenty of space for gear and 3 minifigures. It also comes complete with a tree with hidden treasure, camera and a working magnifying glass. Includes 3 minifigures, plus snake, frog and crocodile figures. Features: Includes...

LEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response UnitLEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response Unit
LEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response Unit
Join the LEGO® City coast guard crew in their well-equipped 4x4 Response Unit that features a 4x4 truck with opening minifigure cab, opening rear compartment with space for tools and gear, and a detachable trailer for the included rescue craft with room for 2 minifigures, drop-down engines and spinning propellers, radio antennas, toolbox and life preservers. There’s also a diver’s dinghy...
LEGO CITY Bus StationLEGO CITY Bus Station
LEGO CITY Bus Station
Jump on your bike and head to the bus stop! Park your bike in the stand and walk to the newsstand to buy a cold drink and something to read. When the bus stops, load your bike onto the rack while the other riders get on, then, take a seat inside. When you get to your stop, let the wheelchair rider off, grab your bike and go get things done! The LEGO® City Bus helps you get around every day! Includes...

LEGO CITY Cargo TerminalLEGO CITY Cargo Terminal
LEGO CITY Cargo Terminal
Part of the lego city collection, keep the citizens of LEGO® City supplied with goods from the Cargo Terminal, featuring a truck with trailer, forklift with moving blades, telehandler with an opening cockpit and telescopic arm, gatehouse with raising barrier and sliding window, and a pallet storage rack plus 4 pallets of items, including a lawnmower and water scooter, and other fun accessories....
LEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter SetLEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter Set
LEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter Set
Every day is an adventure with the LEGO City coast guard! Grab your walkie-talkie and head to the LEGO® City beach as part of the coast guard! Climb up into the beach tower and scan the waves for signs of danger and then call in back-up for the stranded surfer. Hop into the beach buggy and race to the water's edge, then grab the surfboard and paddle out to rescue the surfer before the shark gets...

LEGO CITY Heavy-duty Rescue HelicopterLEGO CITY Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter
LEGO CITY Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter
Join the courageous LEGO® City coast guard crew on their prized heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter and rescue those in need. Packed with features to be found on the real thing, the lego city coastguard rescue helicopter will keep them amused for hours. Features: Includes 4 minifigures: one female and 2 male coast guard members, a kayaker, plus a shark figure. Features a helicopter with spinning...
LEGO CITY Jungle BuggyLEGO CITY Jungle Buggy
LEGO CITY Jungle Buggy
Hop on this lego jungle buggy and set out on an adventure in the mysterious LEGO® City jungle! Imaginations will run wild with this fabulous lego city play set. Grab your machete to clear away the plants and see what you can uncover… just watch out for the giant spider!

LEGO CITY Jungle Cargo HelicopterLEGO CITY Jungle Cargo Helicopter
LEGO CITY Jungle Cargo Helicopter
Part of the lego city collection, head deep into the jungle with the Lego City Jungle Explorer Helicopter that features its very own opening minifigure cockpit, spinning rotors and working winch, an ATV with space for a minifigure, a treasure box and a temple with moving leaf revealing a gold-colored chalice. Sure to make imaginations go completely 'wild' this LEGO CITY jungle helicopter will keep...
LEGO CITY Jungle Halftrack MissionLEGO CITY Jungle Halftrack Mission
LEGO CITY Jungle Halftrack Mission
Go on your very own Jungle Halftrack Mission and explore what lies within the hidden depths of the LEGO® City jungle. This lego city halftrack mission set features a truck with tracks on the back wheels, storage space for the chain and tool elements, plus an ATV with removable crate, a buildable campfire and a buildable temple with diamond element and moveable stone that releases a spider. Sure...

LEGO CITY Sea Rescue PlaneLEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
LEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
Join the LEGO® City coast guard crew in their Sea Rescue Plane that features spinning propellers, an opening cockpit, lowering back ramp and space for the included rescue water scooter, plus a rescue raft and rescue light. Complete with 2 minifigures the lego coast guard sea rescue plane will keep them amused for hours. Features: Includes 2 minifigures: a rescue plane pilot and a sailor. Features...
Get ready for an adrenaline fuelled weekend racing with the LEGO CITY ATV Race Team. Lower the ramps and unload the ATVs onto the race track and pull off daring stunts as you fly over hills and mounds. Don't forget to check your tyres and put your helmet before you go out to race. Two ATV rider minifigures included Includes a pickup truck with pickup bed with room for an ATV, trailer hitch and...

LEGO CITY Bulldozer Break-inLEGO CITY Bulldozer Break-in
LEGO CITY Bulldozer Break-in
Crooks are breaking into the LEGO CITY bank! Load up and get into the police truck and helicopter to stop the crooks before they escape with all of the loot. While you're rushing to the scene in the police truck have the helicopter look out for the crook's bulldozer; they're trying to pull the safe from the wall of the bank! Police officer, pilot, police specialist and two crooks minifigures included Police...
LEGO CITY High-speed ChaseLEGO CITY High-speed Chase
LEGO CITY High-speed Chase
A crook has stolen money and gold from a local bank and he is racing out of town in his stolen sports car, assemble the LEGO CITY police task force before it's to late. Pursue the crook through the streets of LEGO City while the police helicopter calls out where he is. Once you're close enough, lower Chase McCain down using the winch and make the arrest. Pilot, police officer, crook and exclusive...

LEGO CITY Mobile Command CenterLEGO CITY Mobile Command Center
LEGO CITY Mobile Command Center
The LEGO CITY Mobile Command Centre has everything you need to fight crime on the move. The large mobile command centre is complete with detachable cab, jail cell with breakout feature, command centre and storage area for the motorbike and tools. What's that, one of the crooks has broken out of the mobile command centre's jail cell and is escaping with his friend. Lower the ramp and go after them in...
LEGO CITY has lots to offer its residence and the great food is one of them. City Pizza is known all over LEGO CITY for making the best pepperoni pizza around. Open up the City Pizza van and get ready to take some orders! Cook up some pepperoni pizza, box it up and serve it with french fries to keep all of your customer happy and fed. Chef and customer minifigures included Pizza van opens up for...

LEGO CITY Police StationLEGO CITY Police Station
LEGO CITY Police Station
"Calling all officers, the LEGO CITY crooks are trying to break their friend out of the Police Station!" Extend the cherry picker and place dynamite into the ventilation system to blow the crook out of prison but be careful, you don't want to be close to it when it blows. Once the door has been blow you'll need to get out of the city before the LEGO CITY police catch you. Four police officers and...
LEGO CITY Tow Truck TroubleLEGO CITY Tow Truck Trouble
LEGO CITY Tow Truck Trouble
A crook has stolen a large safe containing money bills and jewellery and is towing it away in the tow truck to his hideout. The LEGO CITY police officers must form a plan between the two of them to catch the crook and return the stolen goods back to their rightful owner. Make a daring arrest by jumping from the police bike to the tow truck to arrest the escaping crook. Two police officers and crook...

LEGO CITY Volcano Starter Set
LEGO CITY Volcano Starter Set
Exploring the Lego City Volcano, featuring a eruption function, ATV with walkie-talkie, metal detector, camera, chain and a boulder that opens with a crystal element inside. 4 mini figures: a volcano adventurer, female volcano worker Male volcano worker and a female volcano scientist Features volcano with an eruption function and a boulder with a crystal element inside Includes an ATV with a...