Arctic Air TransportArctic Air Transport
Arctic Air Transport
Haul in discoveries with the Arctic Air Transport, featuring a quadrocopter with 4 rotors and winch, plus an ATV, ice block with 'frozen' saber-toothed tiger, and 2 minifigures. Suitable for 6 Years and over Build a quadrocopter with rotors and winch, ATV and ice block with 'frozen' creature. Features a heavy-duty quadrocopter with 4 spinning rotors, ski landing gear and functioning winch with...
Arctic Exploration TeamArctic Exploration Team
Arctic Exploration Team
Recover a cool artifact from the ice with the Arctic Exploration Team and haul it back to base, featuring a snowmobile, detachable trailer and ice block, plus 3 minifigures and a dog figure. Suitable for 5 Years and over. Features a snowmobile with trailer hitch, plus a trailer and a storage box. Also includes an ice block element containing an insect. Accessory elements include a box, saw, camera...

Arctic Ice CrawlerArctic Ice Crawler
Arctic Ice Crawler
Walk across hard terrain with the Arctic Ice Crawler, featuring an articulated arm and posable legs, plus an ice block with removable section, a minifigure and a rodent figure. Suitable for 5 Years and Over Build an awesome ice crawler with grabbing claw and an ice block with 'frozen' rodent. Features an ice crawler with posable legs, opening minifigure cockpit and an articulated arm with opening...
Arctic Ice GliderArctic Ice Glider
Arctic Ice Glider
Make cool discoveries in the Arctic Ice Glider, featuring an opening cockpit and spinning rotor, plus 2 tracker beacons, computer pad, radio, saw, snowshoes and a minifigure. Suitable for 5 Years and over Includes an arctic explorer minifigure. Ice glider features an opening cockpit, 4 skids and a spinning fan rotor. Accessory elements include 2 remote tracker beacons, computer tablet, radio,...

Arctic Mobile Exploration BaseArctic Mobile Exploration Base
Arctic Mobile Exploration Base
Explore, discover and analyze at the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base, featuring a crane, trailer, platform, mobile saw, lab and a snow bike, plus 6 minifigures and a mammoth figure. Suitable for 5 Years and over Build an Arctic Mobile Exploration Base with lab, crane vehicle, ice saw and snow bike. Includes arctic expedition leader, driver and 4 explorer minifigures, plus a 'frozen' mammoth figure. Features...
Arctic Scout TruckArctic Scout Truck
Arctic Scout Truck
Retrieve samples from the tundra with the half-track Arctic Scout Truck, snow bike, ice wall and an ice cave. Includes 3 minifigures, plus polar bear and dog figures. Suitable for 6 Years and over Build an Arctic Scout Truck with front tracks and all-terrain wheels, plus a snow bike and 2 ice builds. Includes 3 LEGO minifigures: 2 drivers and a biologist, plus polar bear and husky dog figures. Also...

Lego® City HospitalLego® City Hospital
Lego® City Hospital
Help citizens in need at the modular LEGO® City Hospital, featuring an operating room, x-ray room with light brick, ambulance, helicopter, 11 minifigures, and skeleton and baby figures. Suitable for 6 Years and over. Includes 11 LEGO® minifigures: 3 doctors, a hospital worker, 2 paramedics, mom, dad and 3 patients, plus skeleton and baby figures. Features a modular, 3-level hospital building...
LEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter SetLEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter Set
LEGO CITY Coast Guard Starter Set
Every day is an adventure with the LEGO City coast guard! Grab your walkie-talkie and head to the LEGO® City beach as part of the coast guard! Climb up into the beach tower and scan the waves for signs of danger and then call in back-up for the stranded surfer. Hop into the beach buggy and race to the water's edge, then grab the surfboard and paddle out to rescue the surfer before the shark gets...

LEGO CITY Jungle Starter SetLEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
LEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
Imaginations will run wild with this fabulous LEGO® City jungle Set. Discover what lurks on the banks of the river in the LEGO® City jungle with a fabulous boat that has plenty of space for gear and 3 minifigures. It also comes complete with a tree with hidden treasure, camera and a working magnifying glass. Includes 3 minifigures, plus snake, frog and crocodile figures. Features: Includes...
LEGO CITY Sea Rescue PlaneLEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
LEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
Join the LEGO® City coast guard crew in their Sea Rescue Plane that features spinning propellers, an opening cockpit, lowering back ramp and space for the included rescue water scooter, plus a rescue raft and rescue light. Complete with 2 minifigures the lego coast guard sea rescue plane will keep them amused for hours. Features: Includes 2 minifigures: a rescue plane pilot and a sailor. Features...

LEGO CITY Mobile Command CenterLEGO CITY Mobile Command Center
LEGO CITY Mobile Command Center
The LEGO CITY Mobile Command Centre has everything you need to fight crime on the move. The large mobile command centre is complete with detachable cab, jail cell with breakout feature, command centre and storage area for the motorbike and tools. What's that, one of the crooks has broken out of the mobile command centre's jail cell and is escaping with his friend. Lower the ramp and go after them in...
LEGO CITY Police StationLEGO CITY Police Station
LEGO CITY Police Station
"Calling all officers, the LEGO CITY crooks are trying to break their friend out of the Police Station!" Extend the cherry picker and place dynamite into the ventilation system to blow the crook out of prison but be careful, you don't want to be close to it when it blows. Once the door has been blow you'll need to get out of the city before the LEGO CITY police catch you. Four police officers and...