Blast into the action with non-stop, action packed battling from NERF. With a great selection of blasters, pistols and rifles to choose from, you can load and fire darts with ease; dueling with your friends.

Want to unleash a barrage of darts at your opponent? At Oldrids & Downtown we have leading performance NERF guns including the N-Strike Elite range, featuring speed-load technology which automatically loads your foam darts into the drum. If precision is more your thing, the NERF Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst blaster gives you everything you need to face off in head-to-head laser battles almost immediately - with unlimited ammo and customised real-time battle intel. 

Now, you can also shop the NERF Fortnite range includiong the AR-L Elite Dart Blaster and the SP Elite Silent Pistol. This range is inspired by the actual blasters used in Fornite, replicating the look and colours from the popular video game. Drop into the indoor action today!

NERF 2-in-1 Tidal Torpedo Super SoakerNERF 2-in-1 Tidal Torpedo Super Soaker
NERF 2-in-1 Tidal Torpedo Super Soaker
Take your target down with a tidal wave of soakage or a dart-firing assault with the NERF 2-in-1 Tidal Torpedo Super Soaker. If water is your weapon, you can launch a stream of water at your target up to 22 feet away. Do not aim at eyes or face.Do not modify projectiles or launcher. Suitable for ages 6+ Includes 1 blaster and 2 darts Holds 10 ounces of water Fire darts or water
Nerf Fortnite SMG-E BlasterNerf Fortnite SMG-E Blaster
Nerf Fortnite SMG-E Blaster
Launch into real life Fortnite battles with the Nerf Fortnite SMG-E motorised dart blaster! Inspired by the weapon used in Fortnite, the SMG-E blaster captures the look of the one in the popular video game, from its colour scheme to the spikes, iron sight and more details. Take on opponents and try to avoid the Storm as you unleash one dart at a time with motorised, clip-fed blasting. This Nerf Fortnite...

Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15
Nerf N-Strike Elite Trilogy DS-15
The Trilogy DS-15 toy blaster has ejecting shells to heat up your Nerf dart-blasting action! Unleash a triple-dart blast with this Nerf blaster that shoots 3 darts at once from each shell. When you prime to fire again, the spent shell automatically ejects from the blaster. This N-Strike Elite blaster holds 1 shell at a time and can store 5 shells in the stock for fast reloading. The blaster comes...
Nerf Laser Ops Pro DeltaburstNerf Laser Ops Pro Deltaburst
Nerf Laser Ops Pro Deltaburst
The Nerf Laser Ops Pro DeltaBurst blaster gives players everything they need to face off in head-to-head live-action laser battles right out of the box!* The DeltaBurst blaster fires a multi-shot IR burst with each pull of the trigger and registers hits with lights and sounds. An LCD screen on the back displays health status and ammo capacity. Designed with unlimited ammo, the blaster has a quick-reload...

Nerf N-Strike Elite InfinusNerf N-Strike Elite Infinus
Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus
Blast into action with on-the-go dart loading for non-stop battling! The Nerf N-Strike Elite Infinus blaster features motorized Speed-Load Technology that automatically loads darts in the drum. The drum stays attached to the blaster, so battlers do not have to remove the drum to reload. They can load and fire darts without removing the drum, so they can keep battling as they're reloading. The motorized...