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A modern living room is never complete without a Footstool. From storage ottomans to upholstered leg rests, at Oldrids & Downtown we will have something for you. 

We understand that with space at a premium, living areas becoming open plan and the home being where we like to socialise, a footstool can be a great option for making the most of your space. Often thought of as large cushions, a footstool or pouffes can be so much more than that; and also look a lot better! Many footstools have legs that raise them from the ground, providing an elegant look. Another handy feature with many is the hidden storage they can provide. If you often have large parties or guests, a footstool also can be used as an extra seat, coffee table or just a decorative accessory. Below we have outlined a few different aspects to consider before purchasing your footstool.

Purpose - What is the main function of your footstool? There are many ways that a footstool can be incorporated into the modern home, and rooms that they can feature in. In more compact homes, a cube footstool that fits neatly into small spaces can provide additional seating. Footstools that provide additional storage are a great option for keeping your living room clean and tidy by hiding away loose throws and blankets or you could add a bedroom footstool to tidy away any scatter cushions that you don't want left out. Whilst the main reason for a footstool is always to be a footrest, they make a great option if children are in the home because they do not have sharp corners, so can double up as a drinks stand or coffee table when not in use.

Size - The size of footstool you choose will depend on your room dimensions and the other furniture you have in your living space such as sofas. A good way to see what size you need is to replicate the shape using a sheet of paper and place it where you would put the footstool, visualising whether it looks the right size and fits with the flow of the room. Ideally a footstool should always allow people to walk freely in the room and not block any pathways. Try and gauge the height you need too. A footstool should always be the same height or slightly lower than the edge of your sofa to avoid getting cramp and for peak relaxation.

Look & Feel - Footstools are generally available in two main materials: Leather and Fabric. A footstool is likely to see quite a lot of use, making the durability extremely important. Velvet is one option which looks luxurious and is hard wearing, but more difficult to clean. Leather is very natural and easy to clean, but will wear over time. Cotton fabric footstools are the most common because not only are they available in a large range of colours, they are also hardwearing and resistant to bobbling, as well as cleanable with a variety of solutions. Also consider whether you want your footstool to blend in with your existing decor or whether you want it to be a statement piece. Our animal footstools such as the Cow Footstool are great talking points, whilst Parker Knoll footstools generally stand out too.

At Oldrids we sell many footstools that accompany sofas and chairs. This will, where possible, be listed on the relevant product page. If you have any doubt please contact us via our contact form which can be found here or our live chat feature.