Orchard Toys Big Digger PuzzleOrchard Toys Big Digger Puzzle
Orchard Toys Big Digger Puzzle
See how powerful this big, bright shiny yellow digger is, shovelling up the earth, while the driver sits at the controls. Little boys in particular will love this puzzle, illustrated in bold primary colours, and its large size makes it very appealing to younger children. With only 20 big, chunky pieces, it is suitable for children aged from 3 to 6. It is printed on thick, durable recycled card, so...
Orchard Toys Big Dinosaur PuzzleOrchard Toys Big Dinosaur Puzzle
Orchard Toys Big Dinosaur Puzzle
This colourful 50-piece puzzle depicts a wide array of dinosaurs in a lush, prehistoric setting. Children will love talking about the different dinosaurs they can spot, from a triceratops to a t-rex! Puzzle size 58 x 40cm approx 50 piece shaped puzzle Includes talkabout guide on the back of the box Suitable for ages 4+

Orchard Toys Big Tractor PuzzleOrchard Toys Big Tractor Puzzle
Orchard Toys Big Tractor Puzzle
Most children, especially little boys, love big, shiny vehicles, and this bright red tractor chugging around the farm is sure to be popular. It has huge, chunky wheels, and the friendly driver is waving cheerfully from his cab, alongside his friendly sheepdog. Cows and sheep look on from the fields. This puzzle is perfect for very young children, as it has only 25 large, chunky pieces. It is printed...
Orchard Toys Doll's HouseOrchard Toys Doll's House
Orchard Toys Doll's House
A lovely, big, house-shaped puzzle with lots going on in every room. This puzzle, approximately 61cms x 42cms when complete, is beautifully illustrated with lots of detail and plenty to talk about. The picture is full of lots of familiar household objects that children will be able to identify from their own home. There is an activity guide on the base of the box to suggest other ways of extending...

Orchard Toys Magical Castle JigsawOrchard Toys Magical Castle Jigsaw
Orchard Toys Magical Castle Jigsaw
This award-winning floor puzzle will appeal to little princesses everywhere. A large, shaped puzzle, measuring approximately 58cms x 43cms, with 40 large chunky pieces, this is a perfect puzzle for children aged between 3 and 6, especially little girls, who will love the magical theme and pretty colours. There is an activity guide on the box which suggests different ways of extending the play value...