Schleich Animal Rescue Large TruckSchleich Animal Rescue Large Truck
Schleich Animal Rescue Large Truck
On safari, Tom and Ted find a lioness that urgently needs treatment in the truck. To do this, Tom and Ted lower the treatment cabin of their truck to the ground. Now the lioness can be treated in the perfectly equipped truck. Ranger Tom always has his bandages and stethoscope handy. After treatment, the lioness is accommodated in the transport box. The crane first pulls the cabin onto the truck and...
Schleich Barrel Racing With Cowgirl
Schleich Barrel Racing With Cowgirl
The barrels for 'barrel racing' are always arranged in a triangle. It is also known as a cloverleaf pattern, because it resembles the shape of a clover. Competitors gallop up to the barrels and ride round them as fast as possible. The horses need to be very agile in order to be able to manage the tight turns while going very fast. If a competitor knocks over one of the barrels, they lose the race....

Schleich Big Horse ShowSchleich Big Horse Show
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Schleich Big Horse Show
The Schleich Horse Club big horse show is taking place at Lakeside! Sarah and Tori are cleaning their Tennessee walking mare and Lusitano stallion with a hoof pick, curry comb and brush from the grooming box. From the back of the arena, they fetch decorative hearts, bows and flowers to put on the bridle, harness and spats. In the tent, the girls make themselves up in front of their mirrors with the...
Schleich Horse Club Mia's Vaulting SetSchleich Horse Club Mia's Vaulting Set
Schleich Horse Club Mia's Vaulting Set
The little girl, Mia, can perfectly prepare for her first competition with the help of the vaulting set by Schleich Horse Club. The male riding instructor, Tom, steadies the show horse using the vaulting harness and gently flicks the whip in his gripping hand so that the horse runs evenly in a circle within the fence parts, which can be plugged in as desired. Hannah's sister, Mia, has moving arms to...

Schleich Playful FoalSchleich Playful Foal
Schleich Playful Foal
The Playful Foal from Schleich Horse Club includes a play ball that has been specially developed for horses. It has a grip that the Quarter horse foal can hold onto with its teeth. During play the foal mistakes the cute little hedgehog for the ball, but quickly realizes how spikey it is! Luckily neither is hurt in this funny encounter and the two become friends. After frolicking around, the foal drinks...
Schleich Playtime For Cute CatsSchleich Playtime For Cute Cats
Schleich Playtime For Cute Cats
In "Playtime for cute cats" from the Schleich® Farm World the cute cats play with the ball of wool, frolic around their scratching post or hide in their little house. After all that playing they have a rest in their bed. The scratching post can be adjusted and the house can be placed as desired. The set contains three cute cats and accessories. Contents: 1x cat, 1x kitten, standing, 1x kitten,...

Schleich Polar PlaygroundSchleich Polar Playground
Schleich Polar Playground
The two polar bears in the Schleich? WILD LIFE Polar Playground have lots of fun on their ice floe: They hop and jump around wildly! Oh no!!! One of the polar bears ventured too close to the edge and fell in the water! Just as well that the friendly narwal is swimming around in the water nearby. It swims over right away to help the little polar bear back onto the ice floe! Contents: 2x Polar Bear...
Schleich Pony Agility TrainingSchleich Pony Agility Training
Schleich Pony Agility Training
The Schleich figurines are all modelled in finest detail, lovingly painted and encourage children to play and learn at the same time. During agility training, the ponies playfully familiarise themselves with a variety of obstacles. First, they are allowed to sniff them up and down. Then, the ponies are carefully led over, through and around them. For some obstacles, the ponies need to muster up a...

Schleich Rabbit And Guinea Pig HutchSchleich Rabbit And Guinea Pig Hutch
Schleich Rabbit And Guinea Pig Hutch
There's plenty to discover in the rabbit and guinea pig hutch from the Schleich® Farm World. The animals hide in their hutch, suck at their drink bottle, nibble the lettuce or walk over the rocking toy. This also serves as a practical ramp that they can use to climb or hop onto the roof of their hutch. The fence sections can be connected in any way or combined with other Schleich® fences. ...
Schleich Sunny Day Mobile Farm StandSchleich Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand
Schleich Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand
Ben and his mother Laura load the Sunny Day Mobile Farm Stand from Schleich FARM WORLD with fresh produce directly from their farm. Juicy apples, freshly laid eggs, crisp lettuce, potatoes from the field, chilled milk and crusty bread all fit on their wagon. Once everything is loaded, they hitch up their hard-working pony Poppy to the wagon and head off to sell their produce. Do they have enough apples...

Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex AttackSchleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack
Schleich Tyrannosaurus Rex Attack
Can Flynn protect Steggy the little stegosaurus from the dangerous T-Rex? Wild dinos are quickly subdued with the pole-arm. Contents: 1x Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1x Researcher Flynn, 1x Staff Weapon, 1x Baby Stegosaurus For Ages 4yrs+
Schleich Veterinarian Visit At The FarmSchleich Veterinarian Visit At The Farm
Schleich Veterinarian Visit At The Farm
A calf on the farm has sprained its foot. The vet jumps in his pickup straight away with his Labrador and the cat, and heads off to examine the calf. The vet's case with medication and bandages is always in the loading bay of his pickup. He bandages the calf right away and drives it to the veterinary practice. After the X-ray it can recuperate there before being taken back to the farm. Contents: 1x...