Sylvanian Families are an adorable range of distinctive animal characters with charming and beautiful homes, furniture and accessories.

Discover an array of these colourful families at Oldrids & Downtown.

Sylvanian Families Baby Castle PlaygroundSylvanian Families Baby Castle Playground
Sylvanian Families Baby Castle Playground
Baby Castle Playground is a castle themed playground with slide, ladder and lots of play area details. Everyone can play at being a prince or princess with the Baby Castle Playground. Climb up the ladder to the top turret wearing your crown and then *whooosh all the way down again on the slide. The Baby Castle Playground can also be stacked on top of the Baby Castle Nursery (sold separately) to create...
Sylvanian Families Baby Tree HouseSylvanian Families Baby Tree House
Sylvanian Families Baby Tree House
A tree house for the babies to clamber on during their play break. It comes with a Walnut Squirrel Baby figure so you can play straight away. Go exploring in the Baby Tree House this playtime! Clamber up to the top for the best view of Sylvanian Village, aim for the clouds on the swing or take a little nap in the hammock. Baby Tree House includes Walnut Squirrel Baby and a cute little wooden room...

Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris WheelSylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel
Sylvanian Families Baby Ferris Wheel
Weeeeeee! Spin the Ferris wheel by holding onto the handle and turning it; little ones can reach up and touch the fluffy clouds above! A Ferris Wheel for the baby figures Up to 3 babies can sit aboard the Ferris Wheel Can be placed on top of Baby Castle Nursery (sold separately). Have even more fun playing alongside Baby Airplane Ride (sold separately). Box Contents: Frame (Left), Frame (Right),...
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway ParkSylvanian Families Baby Ropeway Park
Sylvanian Families Baby Ropeway Park
Pull the end of the rope left or right and watch Milk Rabbit Baby ride the gondola. There is an adventure playground under the trees. Includes: Milk Rabbit Baby, Main Unit Left Part, Main Unit Centre Part, Main Unit Right Part, Gondola, Rope (a total of 4 pieces). Suitable for ages 3yrs+ Stimulating imaginative role-play in children

Sylvanian Families Caramel Dog FamilySylvanian Families Caramel Dog Family
Sylvanian Families Caramel Dog Family
Caramel Dog Family members have small ears, which adds to their charm. The amazing family includes the Father who loves birdwatching, the Mother who loves hiking, the Girl who loves going out and the Baby who loves collecting acorns. Suitable for ages 3yrs+ Stimulating imaginative role-play in children
Sylvanian Families Hedgehog FamilySylvanian Families Hedgehog Family
Sylvanian Families Hedgehog Family
A cute set of 4 Hedgehog posable collectable figures, great for stimulating role play. Mortimer (father) is the Sylvanian tailor. He makes all the clothes for everyone in Sylvania. He loves sewing while gently rocking in his rocking chair. Eleanor (mother) designs and makes all the special Sylvanian costumes like wedding outfits and Sunday best clothes. Maxwell (brother) is learning how to be a tailor...

Sylvanian Families Monkey Family (3 Figures)Sylvanian Families Monkey Family (3 Figures)
Sylvanian Families Monkey Family (3 Figures)
Geoff is a famous botanist and spends his days in the forest. He likes discovering new plants and flowers. He brings his wife Shirley home a bouquet of flowers every day. Shirley is an artist. She especially loves drawing the plants and flowers her hub and brings her. She also likes baking and decorating her cakes with colourful sugar flowers. Katie is one of the gymnasts in sylvanian village....
Sylvanian Families Red Panda Family (3 Figures)Sylvanian Families Red Panda Family (3 Figures)
Sylvanian Families Red Panda Family (3 Figures)
Wilbur is very cheerful and happy. He loves going on picnics with his family in the park. He makes the sandwiches. Fliss is a baker and makes the most delicious desserts. Her specialties include strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse pies. Frances is very active and loves playing sports. She especially likes playing soccer and is on her school's team. Set includes: Wilbur, Fliss and Frances Stimulating...

Sylvanian Families Sunshine Nursery BusSylvanian Families Sunshine Nursery Bus
Sylvanian Families Sunshine Nursery Bus
The adorable Sunshine Nursery Bus makes every journey an adventure. It has a rainbow and music theme, with the removable rainbow chairs on the upper deck turning into a seesaw. You can fit up to 12 babies plus a driver onboard (not included) or take some of the seats out to give everyone room for a nap. Underneath the seats you'll find a fun surprise - a paddling pool - what more could you want? Perfect...
Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca FamilySylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family
Sylvanian Families Woolly Alpaca Family
Father Andre woolly is a keen knitter and loves nothing better than to pore over beautiful-coloured wool which he then spends the evening crafting into something warm and cosy. His second favourite love is music, especially calming sounds with a steady beat that he can knit along to. Mother Ariana woolly has the sweetest voice in all of Sylvania village. She regularly practices her favourite carols...