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Hasbro Ba All Better BabyHasbro Ba All Better Baby
Hasbro Ba All Better Baby
A sick baby needs lots of love to bounce back to their normal smiles and giggles. Kids can nurture the Sweet Tears Baby doll to help her back to health. First, fill her "juice" box with water to feed her. . .oh no! She cries tears that mummy or daddy can wipe away. The Sweet Tears Baby doll has an expressive face and responds to her accessories. Kids can give Sweet Tears Baby doll a check-up with...
Hasbro Classic Mouse TrapHasbro Classic Mouse Trap
Hasbro Classic Mouse Trap
The Mouse Trap game, a long-time family favourite, is always good for lots of laughs. Scurry around the board collecting cheese and stealing cheese from other players, but watch out for the trap! While kids are engaged in playing the Mouse Trap game, they can also practice valuable skills in construction, cause and effect, and decision-making. As they interact with the trap, a working, multi-part...

Hasbro Classic OperationHasbro Classic Operation
Hasbro Classic Operation
It's the family favourite Operation game, with truly classic funny ailments! Cavity Sam is feeling a bit under the weather, and kids will love to "operate" and make him better. Use the tweezers to take out all of Cavity Sam's 12 funny ailment parts that parents might remember, such as a wishbone, Charlie horse, and Adam's apple. Players choose a doctor card and "operate" to remove that ailment from...
Hasbro Cluedo JuniorHasbro Cluedo Junior
Hasbro Cluedo Junior
It's the case of the missing cake in this classic "whodunit" game for kids. In this Cluedo Junior game, players are on a mission to discover who took a piece of cake, when they took it, and what they drank with it. Players roll the die to see if they can move characters, look under those characters, or look under furniture for clues. As they find clues, they’ll eliminate choices and eventually...

Hasbro Connect 4 GridHasbro Connect 4 Grid
Hasbro Connect 4 Grid
Do you go up, to the side, or diagonally? Start in the middle or at the edge? It’s your choice in Connect 4 Game. Stack the 4 discs vertically, line them up side to side, or go on the diagonal. As long as you get 4-in-a-row, you win. Stay one step ahead of your opponent and block their attempts to get to 4-in-a-row first. Get 4-in-a-row first to win Strategies to block your opponent from...
Hasbro CraniumHasbro Cranium
Hasbro Cranium
The Cranium Game is outrageous fun and gives players a chance to show off their talents! Players team up to cruise around the board completing activities in 4 color-coded categories: Creative Cat, Data Head, Star Performer, and Word Worm. One team picks a card from the category that matches their space on the board, and must successfully complete the activity before time runs out. Spelling a word...

Hasbro Don't Break The IceHasbro Don't Break The Ice
Hasbro Don't Break The Ice
Tap out ice blocks one by one, but Don't Break the Ice! The object of this classic game is to keep Phillip the Penguin on top of the ice, but as the game goes on, the ice blocks start falling. One wrong block, and he'll go ker-plop! The player who can keep Phillip from falling, wins! Play 1-on-1 or as a team of 2! Players tap out ice blocks one by one To win, keep Phillip the Penguin on top Play...
Hasbro Egged OnHasbro Egged On
Hasbro Egged On
Take a crack at the Egged On game, Hasbro's hilarious twist on the egg roulette challenge. In this game, players pick the right egg or get wet! The Egged On game is a hilarious and suspenseful game in which players take turns picking plastic eggs and pressing them on their heads. Some of the eggs are filled with water and players never know which one they've got in their hand. The players who get...

Hasbro Hungry Hungry HipposHasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos
Hasbro Hungry Hungry Hippos
Have a chompin' good time with the hippo-feeding Hungry Hungry Hippos game! Hungry Hippo and his pals are ready to join in the feeding frenzy. Release all the marbles onto the game base, and then start chomping. Move fast, the player whose hippo chomps the most marbles wins! For 2 to 4 players Box Includes: Game base 4 x Hippo heads 4 x Hippo bodies 20 x Plastic marbles Marble storage cover Instructions Ages...
Hasbro KerplunkHasbro Kerplunk
Hasbro Kerplunk
Test your skills and your nerves with the KerPlunk game! Is your hand steady enough to pull out the sticks without dislodging the marbles? If it isn’t, they'll come rolling down the chute! Finish with the fewest marbles for the win! You can start with KerPlunked, the basic game and then move on to more challenging games like Golden Ball, Tricksy Trays and Hot Sticks. Then you and your friends...

Hasbro Monopoly Classic (New Tokens)Hasbro Monopoly Classic (New Tokens)
Hasbro Monopoly Classic (New Tokens)
This version of the Monopoly game welcomes the Rubber Ducky, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Penguin into its family of tokens. Choose your token, place it on GO! and roll the dice to own it all! There can be only one winner in the Monopoly game. Will it be you? Fast-dealing property trading game Players buy, sell and trade properties to win Build houses and hotels on properties Change your fortune with...
Hasbro Monopoly Gamer Power PacksHasbro Monopoly Gamer Power Packs
Hasbro Monopoly Gamer Power Packs
It's the Monopoly game with a Nintendo twist as it joins forces with beloved Nintendo video game characters. Instead of standard Monopoly tokens, the game features Super Mario characters, each with their own special powers within gameplay. Play as Mario, Princess Peach, Yoshi, or Donkey Kong. Finish the game by defeating Bowser at the end! It's not just about money in this game; players earn points...

Hasbro Pie Face Sky HighHasbro Pie Face Sky High
Hasbro Pie Face Sky High
Step right up! The hilarious and wildly popular Pie Face game now lets players test their strength as they attempt to give their opponent a face full of whipped cream. (Whipped cream not included). The game is set up like a strength-tester carnival game, towering over 3 feet tall. One player stands, looks through the mask, and faces the throwing arm. The other player hits the base plate with the plastic...
Hasbro Toilet TroubleHasbro Toilet Trouble
Hasbro Toilet Trouble
Which flush will cause the gush? Share some hilarious and suspense-filled moments as players take turns spinning the toilet paper roll, flushing the toilet handle, and hoping they don't get sprayed with water! The number that turns up on the paper roll spinner dictates how many times each player must flush. Players are safe if they hear the flushing sound, but no water is sprayed. Who knows which...

Hasbro Travel CluedoHasbro Travel Cluedo
Hasbro Travel Cluedo
There is a mystery that needs solving, and you are just the detective to do it on the go with this Grab & Go version of the classic Cluedo game! Who killed the host of the fancy party? Where were they, and what weapon did they use? The game board has rooms to move in and secret passages to navigate faster, and if you are a super sleuth, you can keep track of the clues in your Detective Notebook...
Hasbro Travel Connect 4Hasbro Travel Connect 4
Hasbro Travel Connect 4
Connect 4 the win on the go with this compact version of the classic Connect 4 game! You and your opponent get 21 checkers apiece and the chance to get 4 in a row. But you both get the chance to block the other’s attempts to connect with your own checkers! When the game is done for the day, it’s easy to store the checkers in the columns and fold up the trays on the playing grid. You can...

Hasbro Travel MonopolyHasbro Travel Monopoly
Hasbro Travel Monopoly
Get ready for classic Monopoly play in a portable way! This mobile Grab & Go version of the classic Monopoly game lets you trade your way to success while you roll with whatever comes your way from the Chance and Community Chest cards. It’s the perfect, compact way to have Monopoly fun anytime, anywhere! Part storage in the gameboard Box Includes: Gameboard Gameboard label Card sheet...
Hasbro Trivial PursuitHasbro Trivial Pursuit
Hasbro Trivial Pursuit
Gather your friends to play the trivia game that started It all! The Classic Edition of this Trivial Pursuit Game is the same gameplay you know and love, only with a 1980's retro appearance! Featuring classic gameplay and gameboard, this game contains 2,400 questions in 6 categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure. Players move around...

LEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response UnitLEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response Unit
LEGO CITY 4 x 4 Response Unit
Join the LEGO® City coast guard crew in their well-equipped 4x4 Response Unit that features a 4x4 truck with opening minifigure cab, opening rear compartment with space for tools and gear, and a detachable trailer for the included rescue craft with room for 2 minifigures, drop-down engines and spinning propellers, radio antennas, toolbox and life preservers. There’s also a diver’s dinghy...
LEGO CITY Cargo TerminalLEGO CITY Cargo Terminal
LEGO CITY Cargo Terminal
Part of the lego city collection, keep the citizens of LEGO® City supplied with goods from the Cargo Terminal, featuring a truck with trailer, forklift with moving blades, telehandler with an opening cockpit and telescopic arm, gatehouse with raising barrier and sliding window, and a pallet storage rack plus 4 pallets of items, including a lawnmower and water scooter, and other fun accessories....

LEGO CITY Jungle BuggyLEGO CITY Jungle Buggy
LEGO CITY Jungle Buggy
Hop on this lego jungle buggy and set out on an adventure in the mysterious LEGO® City jungle! Imaginations will run wild with this fabulous lego city play set. Grab your machete to clear away the plants and see what you can uncover… just watch out for the giant spider!
LEGO CITY Jungle Starter SetLEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
LEGO CITY Jungle Starter Set
Imaginations will run wild with this fabulous LEGO® City jungle Set. Discover what lurks on the banks of the river in the LEGO® City jungle with a fabulous boat that has plenty of space for gear and 3 minifigures. It also comes complete with a tree with hidden treasure, camera and a working magnifying glass. Includes 3 minifigures, plus snake, frog and crocodile figures. Features: Includes...

LEGO CITY Sea Rescue PlaneLEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
LEGO CITY Sea Rescue Plane
Join the LEGO® City coast guard crew in their Sea Rescue Plane that features spinning propellers, an opening cockpit, lowering back ramp and space for the included rescue water scooter, plus a rescue raft and rescue light. Complete with 2 minifigures the lego coast guard sea rescue plane will keep them amused for hours. Features: Includes 2 minifigures: a rescue plane pilot and a sailor. Features...
LEGO CREATOR Modular Modern HomeLEGO CREATOR Modular Modern Home
LEGO CREATOR Modular Modern Home
Build your very own dream pad with this fabulous LEGO Creator 3 in 1 modular house set. To begin with you can build a bright and airy Modern Home that features large windows, a solar skylight, a white, brown and pale-blue color scheme, upper-level bedroom and balcony with parasol, as well as a ground-level room with sofa and armchair. Mix and match the buildable modules to create a rooftop terrace,...

LEGO CREATOR Modular Poolside HolidayLEGO CREATOR Modular Poolside Holiday
LEGO CREATOR Modular Poolside Holiday
Build your very own holiday paradise whether that be a luxurious poolside villa, an exciting skate park or music garage with the LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Poolside Holiday set. Featuring a house with a red and tan color scheme, rooftop terrace complete with flowers and barbecue, and a garden area with trees, greenery, swimming pool and a table tennis table with rackets, the detail also extends to the interior...
LEGO CREATOR Space Shuttle ExplorerLEGO CREATOR Space Shuttle Explorer
LEGO CREATOR Space Shuttle Explorer
Featuring an authentic white, black and gray color scheme, carry out daring space missions with the LEGO CREATOR Space Shuttle Explorer. With large engines, opening payload bay with robotic arm, satellite with foldout wings and a minifigure cockpit with tinted canopy, this 3-in-1 LEGO® Creator model rebuilds into a Moon Station or a Space Rover for even more out-of-this-world space adventures....

LEGO CREATOR Turbo Track RacerLEGO CREATOR Turbo Track Racer
LEGO CREATOR Turbo Track Racer
Car enthusiasts of all ages will appreciate the turbo track racing car from the LEGO Creator collection. Climb into the cockpit of the powerful Turbo Track Racer with its light-blue color scheme and broad white racing stripe, rear spoiler, black and white rims with low profile tires, automatic upswing doors and a detailed cockpit with roll cage, racing steering wheel, speedometer, moving gearshift,...
Lego Friends Advent CalendarLego Friends Advent Calendar
Lego Friends Advent Calendar
Open the LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar each day in December to add a piece to your Christmas party scene. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure in a calendar with 24 secret compartments, each containing its own buildable surprise. Includes a Stephanie mini-doll figure in a festive outfit. Features 24 gifts, each enclosed in its own compartment in a LEGO® Friends holiday-themed calendar. Open...

LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort ChaletLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Chalet
LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Chalet
Complete with an outdoor hot tub, kitchen and a lounge area with log fire, the LEGO® Friends Snow Resort Chalet is the perfect holiday retreat. Upstairs there’s a bedroom with 3 beds, vanity and a dog bed. There’s also a cool snowmobile for exploring and a cute husky puppy to look after. Features: Includes Andrea and Amy mini-doll figures in winter outfits, plus a Luna the husky...
LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice RinkLEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice Rink
LEGO FRIENDS Snow Resort Ice Rink
Take to the ice with the LEGO® Friends Snow Resort Ice Rink that features its very own outdoor rink with opening doors, hockey goals and a seating area. You can also give a performance on the revolving stage at the skating lodge, hire hockey and skating equipment and buy yourself a treat at the pretzel shop. There’s even a tree where a friendly bunny lives. Features: Includes Stephanie...

Lego Star Wars 1st Order Heavy Assault WalkerLego Star Wars 1st Order Heavy Assault Walker
Lego Star Wars 1st Order Heavy Assault Walker
As the First Order attack the Resistence base who will you side with Rey and Poe Dameron or will you take command of the awesome Heavy Assault Walker from Lego. This awesome model based on the the walker from the Star Wars Episode VIII movie adds to your Lego Star Wars First Order army.With tough armor-plate detailing, posable legs and head, opening minifigure cockpit and spring-loaded shooters. Includes...
LEGO STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike™ Battle PackLEGO STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike™ Battle Pack
LEGO STAR WARS Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike™ Battle Pack
With striking blue elements, 2 stud shooters and space on the back for a backpack, this speeder bike battle pack will send your LEGO® Star Wars adventures into overdrive! Get Dengar, Bossk, IG-88 and 4-LOM on the move with their own custom Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike. Features Includes 3 minifigures: Dengar, Bossk and 4-LOM, plus an IG-88 figure. Features space to sit a minifigure, 2 stud...

LEGO STAR WARS Darth Vader™ TransformationLEGO STAR WARS Darth Vader™ Transformation
LEGO STAR WARS Darth Vader™ Transformation
Recreate Anakin’s transformation into evil Darth Vader with this LEGO® brick recreation of the medical bay scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. This detailed set features a table with space for Anakin that lowers and flips to reveal Vader, Emperor Palpatine’s greatest creation. You can also slide his iconic helmet into position and, like he did in the movie, pretend to use the...
LEGO STAR WARS Jakku Quadjumper™LEGO STAR WARS Jakku Quadjumper™
LEGO STAR WARS Jakku Quadjumper™
Create your own action-packed LEGO® Star Wars adventures with the Jakku Quadjumper, featuring an opening 2-minifigure cockpit, opening rear compartment with gunner station, 2 front stud shooters, detachable rear stud blaster and 4 big engines with an explode function to send them flying. Features: Includes 4 minifigures: Rey, Finn, Unkar’s Thug and a First Order Stormtrooper, plus a...

LEGO STAR WARS Rathtar™ EscapeLEGO STAR WARS Rathtar™ Escape
LEGO STAR WARS Rathtar™ Escape
Recreate epic scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as Han Solo and Chewbacca try to escape the clutches of Bala-Tik and his Guavian Security Soldiers aboard their freighter. Featuring a modular design for easy reconfiguration, the freighter sections contain authentic details like a lowering blast door, trapdoor and crawlspace in which to hide. Pull the correct fuse to release the 2 buildable Rathtar...
LEGO STAR WARS Scout Trooper™ & Speeder Bike™LEGO STAR WARS Scout Trooper™ & Speeder Bike™
LEGO STAR WARS Scout Trooper™ & Speeder Bike™
Take your Star Wars adventures to a new level with this LEGO® Star Wars Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike set. The buildable and highly posable figure features pouch and bag detailing, iconic helmet and a detachable leg-mounted blaster pistol. Featuring a vehicle for the first time ever, this set also includes a LEGO brick recreation of the speeder bike from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi,...

LEGO STAR WARS Stormtrooper™ CommanderLEGO STAR WARS Stormtrooper™ Commander
LEGO STAR WARS Stormtrooper™ Commander
Issue the orders with this buildable and highly posable LEGO® Star Wars Stormtrooper Commander figure. Featuring a back-mounted heavy blaster with spring-loaded shooter, plus a pauldron with detachable ammo pouches, this imposing figure can be modified into a regular Stormtrooper with blaster for double the Imperial fun! Features: Buildable and highly posable Stormtrooper Commander figure features...
LEGO STAR WARS The ArrowheadLEGO STAR WARS The Arrowhead
LEGO STAR WARS The Arrowhead
Act out perilous LEGO® Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures missions with The Arrowhead. This aggressive-looking starship features a lift-off cockpit canopy with space for 3 minifigures and R0-GR inside, a transparent opening dome revealing the ship’s removable crystal power source element, 2 spring-loaded shooters and an impressive flip-out battering ram. There’s also a service cart...

Play out your own LEGO® Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures encounters with this impressive tri-wing Tracker I model, featuring spring-loaded shooters on each wing and side hatches that reveal a weapon store, access ladder and a prison cell with space for a minifigure. Open the 3 windows of the minifigure cockpit and attach the M-OC Hunter Droid using the special shoulder armor element, before...